About DenPaku
Stay like the locals in Amami Islands
A nostalgic, yet refleshing subtropical paradise

The archipelago of Amami is blessed with forests of abundant green and enchanting sea. Each and every traveler would instantly loosen up to its amiable charm, as if they had come back to their homelands, once they step into the island that has treasured its abundant nature and unique tradition for ages.

DenPaku was created in hopes to pass down the nature, culture and ethos that Amamian people have cherished, to future generations. “Den 伝” stands for “tradition” and “legends” of Amami, and the act of “conveying the heritage”.

The chirping of birds, sounds of trees, star-filled sky, songs of local people… such laid-back,nostalgic ambience of Amami, that brings back the idyllic atmosphere of good old Japan, will surely enchant your five senses.